Saturday, 17 November 2012

Steps Silver

And today I present to you my scarpins silver, they've got have a little time, more like I was absent did not show them to before .. but better late than never, not even éh? rs
Pro look today had in mind my beloved scarpins and would like to use them during the day I chose to basic pieces, I made an entertaining blend with the yellow top and blue tank top with collars (The cat necklace was myself that did it myself without help from anyone! Very proud! hehe: p), jeans with destroyed details and to close a black bracelet to give a more rock! And the result was nothing more than a good look funky, colorful and footprint rock! I love it!

Kisses **)

Top: Farm
Race: C & A
Pants: Coca-Cola Clothing
Scarpin: Santa Lola
Wing Collar: C &
Kitty collar: I did: P
Rings and bracelets: Vintage (eram Minh grandfather)
Black Bracelet: C & A (VERY old)


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