Friday, 24 March 2017

20 Super Seductive Women as Depicted in the Paintings of a Talented Russian Artist

The elegant oil paintings of Sergei Marshennikov capture the full beauty of the female form. The women who appear on his canvases are not only achingly beautiful and seductive but also gentle and even ethereal, like the goddess Aphrodite emerging from the foam of the sea.

Every man who sees these images cannot help but feel the urge to protect and embrace these heavenly creations.

This is what an artist’s muse really looks like!

Marshennikov often depicts women asleep. One almost gets the sense that they’ll wake up at any moment to offer a kiss.

Each model appears somehow tranquil yet defenseless.

Only an artist could truly comprehend what’s hidden inside a woman’s heart. Each image from this talented artist is an ode to feminity and sexuality.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Boldest Internet Trend Is Going Viral And It’s Called One Finger Selfie Challenge

5. Fastest finger first

6. Disqualified

7. Approved

8. Again a rejected candidate

9. That’s some art

10. Needs no caption

11. Not sure what the other finger is being used for

12. That’s again a fine art

13. Haha very tricky

14. This new internet trend has literally the whole internet naked

15. Creatively interesting

16. Whoaa !

17. That’s some dedication

18. She took it to a whole new level

19. Sorry two fingers are not in the rule book

20. That finger wasn’t needed though

21. This angle seems to be the right angle

22. When she already has done masters in one finger selfie challenge

This is definitely a social media challenge that some people won’t be so quick to get on board with. On the other hand, some people may gain confidence in them. Are you gonna try this one finger selfie challenge?