Monday, 16 July 2012

Free as the wind

A romantic look, fresh and light (and põen take it!). Usually do not do more romantic style is sometimes good range, is not it? Rs. The outfit of the day looks like a dress, it is actually more of a mini floral top with a flowery skirt, both in different shades of blue, I chose a pink sandals (which was rescued from the bottom of the trunk.) And flashy, more than let's look more fun as was my intention and ends with a braided belt kinkle. More must admit though the look is super cool and comfortable in horaque begins to blow is a real despair and then I remember why I always avoid skirts or frilly things have ... You should certainly be thinking that I paid panties is not the same? Well, the answer is no, I was in shorts underneath, as I went through this before esperiencia.


CarleeJ said...

I love this outfit! You look so free perfect outfit for summer as well!

silhouette said...

you look stunning!great outfit!

CutestPrincess said...

i like this clashing print style! nice outfit! thank you for your comments over my blog... sure, i love to follow each other! i'm following you now, hope you followed back! thanks again!

It’s a GIRL Thing

Joana de Sousa said...

thanks for your comment in my blog :) I'm following you dear.


Caro * said...

Lovely outfit, your dress is very cute :)

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