Tuesday, 30 August 2011


While staying up until 3 a.m. to keep up with the all the fantastic fashion going on at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (my life is tough, isn't it?), I fell in love with Halston's Fall 2011 collection.

What is this? Quite possibly my favorite color AND sequins with a simple design. Oh, Halston, you never fail to impress me with shiny things.

My Favorite )

These two dresses were among my favorites in the collection. First of all, I love the simple, classic designs that are countered by an abstract cut. I have seen one-shouldered dresses, but I don't often see one sleeved dresses (where a collar is still remaining). Love it. And the sequins.

This dress blew me away on first sight. I love the long sleeves and casually-tied belt.

This a dress that I could buy and most certainly get alot of wear out of. Let's face it, we all don't have bursting wallets, so anything that can be worn more than once and not look tired is a must. This dress has an almost classic design but there are a few touches that make it very modern.

This dress looks like a nebula and I think it's a bit too much, but it is very interesting to look at.

Halston had several Grecian-inspired dresses, which I find, are popular. The dress above reminds me of something Lady Gaga would have worn in her earlier days (paired with leather pants and big sunglasses).

This color is to die for! 

I feel that this dress is very unique. The jewels under the light fabric catch my eye and make for an interesting look. Would I wear this? No. I'm rather conservative when it comes to cuts and even with a light fabric over the jeweled top, it is still too risque for my taste.

Spring Colours

I walked into H&M and fell in love with several pieces from their Spring Collection. Bright colors, feminine cuts, floral prints, girly silks - it was exactly what I was craving. I picked up this canary yellow top with adorable scallop cut layers and a tangerine floral print scarf.

Top, Scarf and Clip: H&M, Jeans: A/X, Brogues: Aldo.

Now that Mr. Groundhog has let us know that Spring will be coming early this year I am even happier I bought them (my new top isn't exactly warm).

Scallop cuts are beautifully feminine and I have been wanting anything with that cut, so when I saw this top, I knew I had to get it.

Tangerine and other shades of orange are definitely in trend this season. This scarf and its sweet floral print is a keeper.

I wore one of my favorite feather hair clips from H&M. I think the reason why I love feather hair clips is because they are fashionable and functional. boyfriend says that my top makes me look like Big Bird. I actually kind of have toagree, I love it and all but the canary yellow and scallop cut looks too much like feathers. Oh well, I always loved Big Bird anyways :)

Hot Beach Girls


Lav lavaniya


Sunday, 28 August 2011


Shoes: George (borrowed from sister), Jeans: Armani Exchange, Cardigan: Club Monaco, Waist Belt: Club Monaco, Jacket: bought in Argentina during a visit, Panama Hat: Club Monaco, Purse: Armani Exchange.

This Spring and Summer 2010, Panama hats have been largely in style. Although the Ecuadorian hats were originally made from straw, the hat itself has evolved. Many people identify the hats as Fedoras, which can be made from a number of materials.

I bought this hat from Club Monaco after drooling over one of their hats for months. When I wear it, people from all walks of life ask and compliment me on it.

Swarovski and Trenches

Trench Coat: United Colors of Benetton, Jeans: Armani Exchange, Boots: BCBGirls, Bangles: Vintage from Front & Co., Purse: Meena, Necklace and Earrings: Swarovski, Brooch: Unknown.

There is no doubt, that everyone needs to have a trench coat in their wardrobe. Whether it is beige, black, grey...or rainbow coloured, it is a must. I bought this coat from United Colours of Benetton three-years-ago and I am still wearing it.

When I was in tenth grade I went to Europe where I visited a massive Swarovski store in Austria., I mean EVERYTHING was encrusted in Swarovski crystals. Think: pencils, necklaces, figurines, boxes full of crystals. I bought the pendant below from the store and to this day, it continues to mesmerize me everytime it catches light.

This pin was a christmas gift when I was about 10-years-old from one a boutique that closed down years ago.

In the French Boudoir…

A boudoir (French: [bu.dwaʁ], English: /ˈbuːd.wɑːr/) is a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. The term derives from the French verb bouder, meaning “to be sulky” or boudeur, meaning “sulky”. 

My Fall Wishlist

As I am sitting here patiently waiting for Irene to hit, I thought it would be good to discuss my fall fashion wishlist.  That's the hardest part of this whole hurricane business, the waiting.  The not knowing if it is going to be as destructive as we're preparing for, and the praying that it isn't.  So some distraction is great now!  Right.  

The first thing I'm lusting after for fall is a pair of warm ankle boots, I love the shearling lined ones with a heel.  So perfect for pairing with skinny jeans  or dresses and knit tights.  The next thing on my list is a pair of cute Oxford flats.  I love how casual they are while adding a touch of prep to any outfit.

I'm loving all the rich colors for fall, so this season I'm dying for a bag in a jewel-toned hue.  I'd prefer a classic style, in a color like emerald or red for an unexpected twist.  Rusty orange is another hot color for fall this year, and I love how the warmness of it is brought out the this chunky sweater from Asos.

One of my favorite things about fall is breaking out all the cozy knits.  I am in need of a big chunky scarf to keep me warm during the chilly days of fall.  I love this one by Donna Karen, but I'm thinking of DIY-ing this (I'm a crocheter) I'll let you know how it goes!  The last (for now) thing on my list is a collection of classic turtlenecks.  Paired with a high-waisted skirt, belt, and statement necklace, turtlenecks are effortlessly chic and oh-so easy.  

fall wishlist

The hurricane hasn't gotten here yet, but it's raining pretty hard now.  We're expected to get hit the hardest later tonight through tomorrow.  I'm about as prepared as I'll ever be!  Stocked up on popcorn, chocolate, chips, and mousse cake (all very practical, non-perishable, hurricane-appropriate food items) I'm ready to ride this thing out.follow me if you already aren't!  Stay safe this weekend everyone =]

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Elle Sptember Covers

Elle Serbia (My fav)
Elle UK
Elle USA
Elle Spain
Elle Russia
Elle Netherlands
 Elle Germany
Elle Czech Republic