Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Classic Pin Up Makeup

Many of my readers and friends have been asking me how I do my trademark makeup, so I posted a brief description here, but felt that a step-by-step how to post would be better. Enjoy!

1. After washing and moisturizing the face, apply foundation. 

2. Next, apply a neutral toned eyeshadow to your eyelids. The eyeshadow will make the eyeliner pop.

I have always loved liquid foundation and have recently started using Loreal True Match. I was always loyal to Clinique until an experienced makeup artist suggested I try Loreal. Loreal foundations are half the price of Clinique foundations and are made in the same factory. See? I got your back.

For your eyelids, any neutral beige eyeshadow will do, I just happen to use an Estee Lauder shadow that was gifted to me.

3. Apply your liquid eyeliner. This is the tricky part.

I would love to show you how to apply liquid eyeliner, but unfortunately, we don't all have the same eye shapes. What I do is I apply a thin line and basically trace my eyes as shown above. Only then, do I add the wings onto the ends.

My personal favourite liquid eyeliner is from Sephora's private brand. I love the soft felty tip and find it great for precision.

4. Apply mascara to your outer lashes only. This will add to the wings on your eyeliner and further the cat eye effect.

I have never been a fan of mascara, so I just use whatever is given to me. This time it's Estee Lauder.

5. Stencil in your eyebrows. 

Whether you do that with an eyeshadow, a pencil or something more complicated it's a must. It doesn't matter how great your makeup is, eyebrows are the most important. Poorly groomed eyebrows are the worst thing a girl can do for her face. Seriously, I got your back.

I 'm a stickler for perfect eyebrows so I use the rather expensive Benefit Brow Zings kit. At 33 dollars it comes with an angle brush to apply a brown cream eyeshadow, an eyeshadow brush to apply the powder eyeshadow to fill in any sparse areas and tweezers for pesky hairs.

Add a swipe of your favourite lipstick and you have the classic pin up makeup look.


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