Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Spring Colours

I walked into H&M and fell in love with several pieces from their Spring Collection. Bright colors, feminine cuts, floral prints, girly silks - it was exactly what I was craving. I picked up this canary yellow top with adorable scallop cut layers and a tangerine floral print scarf.

Top, Scarf and Clip: H&M, Jeans: A/X, Brogues: Aldo.

Now that Mr. Groundhog has let us know that Spring will be coming early this year I am even happier I bought them (my new top isn't exactly warm).

Scallop cuts are beautifully feminine and I have been wanting anything with that cut, so when I saw this top, I knew I had to get it.

Tangerine and other shades of orange are definitely in trend this season. This scarf and its sweet floral print is a keeper.

I wore one of my favorite feather hair clips from H&M. I think the reason why I love feather hair clips is because they are fashionable and functional. boyfriend says that my top makes me look like Big Bird. I actually kind of have toagree, I love it and all but the canary yellow and scallop cut looks too much like feathers. Oh well, I always loved Big Bird anyways :)


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